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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Google Maps!

Haven't been writing for a while - been busy. Honeymoon in Florida, the new job in Manhattan, and an upcoming move (to Jersey! :( ) have kept me busy. Well, since the move has not happened yet, technically that has not taken up any of my time, but then I feel tired and exhausted to think that I have to move out of the City. It'll probably be a lot of fun to read that line again some 30 years from now, and wonder what I was thinking to have written such a mad line!

I digress.

Google rocks. There's simply no better way to put it. Snigdha pointed out the maps feature yesterday, and I gave it a spin last night and this morning. As always, weekends bring forth insomnia attacks - so much fun to catch up to, and so little time- so the spin was a rather slow paced, detailed one.

For starters, played around with names, after Kanishka pointed it out. Zooming into Manhattan and typing "Kundan Sen" has a very funny result (for now, that is) - here is a snapshot, so that I freeze the result in time. It does not show where I live, but it shows a lot of the places where I have eaten :)

Of course, as with everything else google, this is just about the coolest looking map online right now, so I thought why not try updating the maps on the restaurant blog. Considering each change results in a complete re-generation of all the index pages, and a heavy upload to the server, this took a good 2.5 hours before I could sit back and think about the rest of the day.

As of now, there are a few hiccups - complete name and address pairs sometimes prompt you to look at something else instead of the queried location (based on popularity, I guess), and some quoted restaurant names garbaged out. But then I am eager to see what else is in the bag!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kundan,
It was interesting to read your blog. Regarding the google maps, you should try the satellite images. It's hell lot of fun navigating using the satelllite images. Its close to flying without maps :-)
You can even check the satellite images of India and rest of the world albeit in a much lower resolution than what you get for US.


May 02, 2005 1:41 AM


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