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Thursday, September 02, 2004

One Big Circus

Take a look at the pictures, taken yesterday around the Herald Square area, and tell me - does this, or does this not, look like one big circus? Only in New York. The police cordon off the sidewalks. Make us cross according to their whims. Traffic signals are more like christmas lights - seen but ignored. The protesters don't really give a damn, and go about doing their own thing. They are on bikes, on foot, carrying loudspeakers and bullhorns. There was an organized protest yesterday against the rising umemployment - people were dressed in office formals, carrying banners around, projecting the damages done in numbers out to the world. Somewhat like the Billionaires for Bush protesters, with their nice suits and combed hairs. Then there were these anti-war protesters who were projecting an Orwellian future through their gas masks and Grim Reaper clothing.

In all, I'm glad, in a way, that the RNC was held where it was. Would never have come across anything like this otherwise.


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September 10, 2004 4:35 PM


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