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Friday, October 08, 2004

NYC Trivia

Ranjita took the CircleLine Cruise around Manhattan with her parents, and came back with a bunch of trivia. Trivia mails are carefully saved into oblivion, and finally deleted when the mailbox overflows, so I thought it would be nice to put them up here for easier access.

  1. NYC subway is the largest in the world, with around 400 miles of track.
  2. There is a small red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge which was to be demolished but Hildegarde H. Swift wrote a children's book called "The little red lighthouse and the great grey bridge", which popularized the lighthouse so much that they could not bring it down.
  3. The mayor's residence (Gracie Mansion) is a really nice place -- only the current mayor does not live there. He's rich enough to have his own townhouse.
  4. There are 20 bridges around manhattan island. Official Site.
  5. Statue of liberty is made of copper.
  6. The metlife building used to be the pan am building.
  7. The Chrysler building is the prettiest skyscraper on manhattan.
  8. The amtrak train bridge across the hudson is made in 3 sections. The side sections are fixed, while the central section rotates to allow ships to pass through it. (Sorry, can't find a better link to the bridge - let me know if you know a better one)


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