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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Are you looking suspicious?

I was stopped right outside work today, as I was looking suspicious. Not entirely without reason - there were some 20 NYPD cop cars parked on the street in front of my office (Hubert), and I stopped to take a picture with my micro cam. There were some 20 cops meeting in one place, and one of them called me over and asked for an ID. I gave them my office ID and my driver's license. Then, they wanted to see the pictures. Now, that's where things went downhill. You see, I had taken a few shots of the subway, a few days back, when I was waiting for a train and was bored. So, there I was - taking pictures of the subway, and taking pictures of police presence. Highly suspicious, as Lal Mohan Ganguly would have said. I became the center of attention of all the 20 cops. If only I could grab attention like that in the dance clubs around. They called their superiors. They called to verify information about me. They even called the terrorist research group. My boss was walking into work, and he stopped by, and they talked to him. They also talked to each other. They asked me details of just about everything. They talked to each other. At the end of it, I was convinced that I was really a very suspicious character, trapped in this absent minded body. Anyway, they checked all the information, and everything was fine, and then the whole episode ended and I walked into work and the rest of my uneventful life.

Oh - that reminds me - I was stopped on 91S, somewhere in Vermont, yesterday - the customs official handed me a notice, saying I was required to carry my passport/visa with me at all times, or my green card (which I don't have), etc. - otherwise be subjected to a fine of $100, or a jail time of 30 days.

Interesting. The way things are proceeding, I'll consider myself lucky if I don't land up in jail by the end of this month.

Unfortunately, the pictures were deleted, so I don't have anything to show.


Blogger BD said...

OMG! this is spoooooky!
given the case that I carry a cam with me at all times, I've to be extra careful while taking pics..

oh this sucks!!

October 25, 2004 12:20 AM


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