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Friday, August 27, 2004

Search for the perfect Bed (a.k.a Bed and Futon Buying Guide, Manhattan)

Today, I'm going to tell you the story of the search for the ultimate bed. In other words, what I have been doing for the last few weeks, in an attempt to find a queen sized solution for my twin size issue.
So, as always, I'll save you thr trouble of tiring out your fingers in rampant googling, and your feet in trampling all over the City. Oh - this pertains mostly to people in NYC. Sorry, all you guys in all the remote corners of the US. Then again, I'm not sorry at all - I'm sure you are paying less rent/mortgage for your 4-bedroom mansion than I'm paying for my measly 12'x10' space in Chelsea.
First, the criteria:
Material:Hard solid wood, not faux wood, not veneer.
Headboard:Yes, preferably curved to allow ergonomic bedtime reading posture.
Footboard:Preferably not - since this makes the room seem smaller. Open spaces!
Base:Platform, with wooden slats, eventually upgraded to tatami mats.
Height:Just enough to have some degree of under-bed storage.
Shape:Clear, crisp lines on a simple, minimalist frame.

Second, the platform bed websites, with my preferences mentioned.
Located, surprisingly, in Salt Lake City, Utah! Furniture designs are noce and contemporary, but you are looking at a moderate shipping charge, and all that shipping delay. Horizon and Virginia are winning designs.
Located at 30th and Madison, among other places, this is the ideal place to splurge on furniture for that "urban" look. The Solid & Basic bed I liked was among the cheapest items in the store, at $650. A basic small table costs upwards of $450. Their Furnish software makes it a breeze to plan your room(s) with their furniture.
Located just a few blocks from the BO Concept store, this is a more traditional look at upscale furniture. Everything is still in the scale of thousands, not hundreds. Not as tech-savvy as the BO Concept.
At 113 University Pl., this seems to be a popular place to check out bargain-priced futons and beds. Have not been to this place yet - shall let you know once I do.
As you can see, now we are drifting into futons. Has a huge collection of them, and the prices look reasonable. I have no idea where they are located, but shipping is free.
Ah - the so-called Zen bed. This has become almost a dream bed for me - have been eyeing this for a good couple of years. It's expensive, and does not have any storage space. But it's pretty!
Completely unrelated, Hong Kong-based website - but it has a lot of tips about mattresses and futons. Worth a look-see.


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