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Monday, August 09, 2004

Coney Island and Kayaking

Met up with Savinder Dhaliwal last Friday- after a long 6 years since we left Kharagpur. Kanishka and Krishna had also come over, and we all paid our respective 10 bucks to Lowes 42nd street, in return for a show of The Manchurian Candidate. Plans for dinner went through the roof when the movie ended at 1:30 in the morning.

Saturday was extremely bright and sunny, and it looked like a shameful waste to sit at home and do nothing, or the next best thing to nothing, watch movies. So off I went to Coney Island. Never been there before. Definitely an interesting place to visit. Though I can not speak of the beach in superlatives, the permanent fair and rides are definitely eye-catching. This happened to be one of those times when the circus show was running, and I had a nice time watching the Indie-movie equivalent of the circus domain. Topped off with some good fish and chips from Nathans.

Sunday was earmarked for kayaking in NJ. Started the day healthy with a fresh-squeezed vegetable and fruit juice mix, and took the Suburban bus to Kingston. Hit Nassau Street for breakfast at Zorba's Grill, relaxed a bit, and finally landed up at Princeton Canoe and Kayak Rental around 3 in the afternoon. This was a rather nice first experience on Kayaks, and it was really a pleasure to see how spontaneously these things handled to our actions. Downstream was a breeze, upstream nearly so as well - you don't get an exercise unless you really want to. Definitely a nice way to relax and unwind on a fair weather weekend.


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