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Thursday, August 12, 2004

All work and no play

I spent the evening studying at my favorite Barnes and Noble, and came home all charged up for new knowledge (!). My internet connection was down for the last few days - the modem is in the room of my apartment-neighbor, who is happily backpacking around Europe. So I took the brute force approach - caught hold of his apartment-mate as she was leaving for dinner, got into his apartment, and rebooted the whole house - i.e. shut off the mains, counted till forever, and put everything back on. Voila! My internet works again. Thanks for advanced idiot-proof self-starting cable modems and routers.

So - going by the new trend I've adopted of writing down all the cool (not!) places I've been today:
Sybase FAQ:
sybPerl FAQ:
Java FAQ: project:
Java FAQs and tutorials:


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