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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Can't believe it - I have turned 28. The chances of becoming a millionaire by 30 are just about as faint as being struck and terminated by lightning. Unless of course I go and stand on top of the Half Dome or Mount Whitney, in which case lightning get way far ahead in the probability curve. How did I spend the day? Come to think of it - it was a very ordinary day. Shows that I'm growing old, I guess. Had a slice of cake in the office fridge- by the time I remembered, someone had taken good care if it. Of course, there were all the wonderful phone calls from all my friends wishing me well - that's the fun part. Those that forgot to wish me, I called as a reminder. Happens. But I don't get to receive the wishes for one full year, so might as well make the best of the opportunity.

Morgan Stanley decided not to let my hopes soar for the coming year - by starting my birthday with a GPL. They finally made up their mind that I was not good enough. Pity - I had really liked this job profile and the group. Nicky and Dmitry were positively happy with me. Well, happens, too!

Spent most of the day installing all the cool stuff - mostly illegal by company policy - on my new desktop. It's sad how anticipation lasts forever, and boredom takes only a day to creep in. Takes the charm away from taking possession of things. Like the Mustang rental killed the charm I had over the years of a Mustang convertible. Plastic parts, for heavens sake! And that Ambassador look and feel. I digress. But then it's my birthday, I can talk about whatever, or nothing at all.

Orkut is getting addictive. I spent some time over the last few days trying to find long lost friends. Looks like it has not picked up pace in the general community yet - still confined, for most parts, to the university community. But then with the google stamp, I don't see how it can go wrong.

Used a nifty little vacuum - the Bissel Catch-All - to clean my floors, in preparation for my friends coming over tomorrow. Really nice - all $15 worth of it. It's really a powered sweeper, and the vacuum just removes the dust swept up. Definitely worth it, at the price of a Swiffer. That's when I had the idea - why don't they recycle the air? Instead of rejecting the output air, if we recycle it through the dust path, then can't we force the dust with a push as well as a pull, and suck things in faster? Then again, I'd rather come up with something that removes the dust issue completely. Dust should be directed to specific areas of the house, like the trash can, and not allowed to roam around with their friends and create little balls everywhere.

See - even this blog is getting boring. Clear signs that age is taking it's toll. Think it's time to put some sausages on the stove and sit down with a movie. Have been watching foreign movies for such a long time, feels like I have forgotten how to make sense of a movie without the subtitles.


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