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Sunday, July 18, 2004

organizing the kitchen

The picture above shows pretty much all I did over this weekend. Organize the kitchen. But then, the weekend starts at Friday night. So let's start from there.
As usual, had a release at work that had me stuck till 8. Came home, and was sitting down for dinner and a movie, when Kanishka said he was on his way to pick Ranjita up from Kennedy Airport, and would go by my place. So I hopped onto his loaner Jeep Liberty, to the airport, picked Ranjta, and came back. Followed by a movie.
Saturday started with Kanishka and Ranjita's house hunt - with a different broker than last time, as the previous broker had quit and gone off to greener pastures. This lasted for a good 3 hours, during which I managed to lose my cell phone in the cab (once) and recover it (once). Lunch defaulted to Kati Roll, which had a sweet 45 minute wait time. Everybody and their mother was there to have Kati Roll, and everyone had come there before we did. No - that's not true, I should correct that. Only the people ordering 10 rolls or more were there before us, and all of those who ordered one or two were behind us. Anyway - the rolls were followed by a nap, during which Dr Lahiri and Dr Bhagwan went to EWR to pick up Ranjita's parents and made their way to Princeton. Woke up shortly after 6, picked up a bottle of wine, and went over to Yashodhan's house. Took me 2 hours to reach Queens, because of a 'brief' halt at Patel Groceries in Jackson Heights. Crap place - as exhausting as a hike up a mountain. Dinner was awesome, with home cooked stuff, nothing frozen and nothing that came out of an instant mix box.
Sunday was downright lazy by any standards. Slept, ate, and watched movies. Among others - "Sixteen Candles"- a sweet leisurly movie about a girl's sixteenth birthday and the general life in high school, and
"The Naked Gun", a slapstick comedy with Leslie Nielson. Then went over to Bed Bath and Beyond, and onwards to the wonderful Container Store. Awesome places, both. Bought the spice jars from the container store, came home and organized my spices, throwing away the older containers and sealing the extra spices. Found I had bought too few, so went back to the store and picked up some more. Had a bag of honey roasted nuts and a cup of Italian Ice to supply me with the required energy. At the end, had to take this picture for the records.


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