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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Movie review: Fight Club

Some days start normal, and end up going crazy. Today was not so - till I got done with work, then with the gym, and walked into my apartment to find the movie Fight Club waiting for me.

I knew nothing about this movie, except that it was recommended to me by Netflix, based on my ratings. So here I am, with some egg-milk-flour crepes for dinner, sitting with this movie on my usual evening show. I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so I thought I'll watch a bit, and push off to bed.

Then the movie starts. I'm surprised to see Ed Norton. He's one of my favorites. Minutes go by, and I am surprised again to see Brad Pitt, another favorite of mine. Then I read the summary of the movie on the Netflix cover, and continue. Things get even more interesting in the movie, and I switch to noise sealing headphones in order to get the best that I can out of my Mac.

This movie is really, really awesome. It's made in a way to make your blood boil, and concentrate most of it in your head, and give you more energy than a crate full of Red Bulls and Bottled Rockets and whatnots. On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate this movie 15, maybe 20. Out of this world. Life as I can't dream of. It's got everything that I thought would make up my wildest dreams. I can't get into more specifics without killing the movie for you in case you have not seen it, so I won't. Just that this movie is pure adrenaline. Energy in matter, sown together with the power of life. F'in A! Language drops to cliches in order to describe it, so it's best to remain silent. Not in prayer, though. Just silent. And soak some more in the aftermath of the movie.

And go to bed. Got to wake up early tomorrow.


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