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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Have you met Mr Dingbat Foo?

Hello. I'm bored out of my wits. Here at work close to 12 hours today, doing practically nothing, up until it was time to go home. Then my managers thought it was the right time to ask me to check some code and make sure the deployment was all right. Just my 2 cents worth to make sure our traders can take their million dollar salaries to their billion dollar homes.

On the positive side, came across a software - "Active Ports" - that does a nice little thing. It gives me a list of all the ports on Windows that are currently being used, and give details on who is using them. It leaves a glowing feel of satisfaction when you end up killing all the processes that were taking too much of your processor, or network bandwidth, and doing nothing of any use, or misuse, to anyone.

Still preparing for the hike to Mt Whitney. Like the last page of "Destination Moon" - what will become of us?? That reminds me - I still remember the lines from the Unicorn - "It is from light that light will dawn, and there shines forth the eagle's cross". Or do I? Don't really know if I messed that up again. Haven't been to the gym this week - but then, what's the point, am going to get screwed anyway. Spent a lot of the morning thinking about boots - should I take the hiking sneakers? Or the ankle boots? Or the regular waterproof boots that I wear to work? I don't really wear boots to work - I hide them under my desk, and walk in with sneakers, until my boss calls for me, or something else comes up where someone might check my shoes.

Have you tried searching for "google" on, and hitting "I'm feeling lucky"? Well, when you are bored, you run out of ideas. No surprises here - you come back to the same page, but with the search string cleared out. A very nerdy way of reset-ing the form, me thinks.

Well then. Bringing my GUI up for the millionth time today. Don't think it works. Maybe there are some bugs. Big ones. That render several hundred thousand lines of code to sweet junk.

On an exciting note, bought myself a pair of waterproof breathable ultralight gloves, and a ski cap, to take care of my sorry head and hands in the whitney trip. Maybe they'll keep me warm. Maybe I'll find them too heavy and not be able to finish the hike - all because of a pair of ultralight gloves.

I'm off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why yes, yes I have. We even have a dish we've named in his honor: Dingbat Foo Yung.

April 26, 2011 11:46 AM


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