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Sunday, April 18, 2004

movies watched in the recent past

Have not been writing about the movies I have seen and liked (or disliked a lot) in the past few weeks, so this looks like as good a time as any to fill you up with the updates.

Talk to Her, 2002

Spanish, with subtitles. Excellent slow paced character movie about two women in coma and their significant others tending to them. Very different, very watchable. Has the mini-movie "shrinking lover" and several wonderful dance sequences.

The Terrorist, 1999

Tamil, with subtitles. Ayesha Dharkar is a terrorist - the movie lets us lead her life for a few days, when she is prepared for a major killing of a political figure. Don't make the mistake of thinking of this as an action flick - there's hardly any action or special effects. Rather slow paced, but brings forth a lot of normal life and values in India.

Tart, 2001

Avoid, at all costs. If offered for free, throw and run away. Horrible movie. Absolutely pointless, totally inane, a complete waste of time.

Buffalo '66, 1998

Interesting movie - somewhat like, say, "American Beauty". An ex-convict heads home after jail time, and kidnaps a young dancer on his way to please his parents and prove that he has settled down in life. Somehow the kidnapper and the kidnapped establish a connection, and grow closer. Nicely made - very watchable.

Donnie Darko, 2001

Ha ha! This movie is awesome! What can possibly be better than this plot - the psychology of time travel, alternate universes, and giant devil rabbits! Completely insane plot with a wonderful execution. If you like movies where time is not linear, and really really weird things happen all along, watch this. Chances are, you won't understand the ending, so spend some time after reading up on the ending in one of several websites that discuss this movie. Overall, definitely a discussion topic movie.