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Sunday, March 14, 2004

spring cleaning

Have you done your share of Spring cleaning yet? I just did some - and thought a little break was due, so here I am, ranting away to no one in particular.

Then again, I have some new ideas. Most of which are created from the lack of space in my tiny little apartment.

Take refrigerators, for instance. Why do they have to be big bulky things that take up so much space? I mean, what's in there anyway - an insulated chamber with a cooling mechanism, right? So why can't you hide it into something else - like counter top cabinets, for instance - so you have regular cabinets, and one of them also cools. Or walls - make the walls inside the apartment a little thicker, and lets hide food away in them!

Or, say, cleaning fluids. I have so many kinds of cleaning fluids, the first thing I had to organize was the cabinet with these in it. There's tub and tile cleaners, decloggers, degreasers, floor cleaners, Pine Sol, Murphy's Oil Soap, hand sanitizers, dishwashing fluids, oven cleaners, counter top cleaners, Swiffer juice - and then there are refills for every one of them, just in case I run out of the juice in the middle of a cleaning spree.

Then, there are boxes. Of stuff I bought that I might have to return - shredders, vacuums, and the like - but they didn't break in the next 30 days, did they? Then the boxes are pretty pointless, aren't they? Why can't they automatically destroy themselves when left empty for more than, say, 2 months?

Speaking of innovations - let's get this idea in writing, that I have been bouncing off my friends for a few weeks now - car locking mechanisms. I don't like the ones that lock the car automatically after some time, because I can get locked out. I don't like those that you have to beep, because I forget whether I forgot to lock or not, and have to go back to the car to check. So this is my take on the topic - have the car talk to the key. Bluetooth, radio, whatever. If the key is so far away that the car can not talk to it, it's time to lock the car. If not, just let the driver handle it herself. What say? If you file a patent on this, will you please mention that you read it here first?

Well, that's that. Timeout-out. Back to cleaning.