gasp! I need some air, and was searching for it at - of all places- on google, semi-geek that I am, when I came across this website. Not quite what I was looking for, but refreshing nevertheless.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

"Take me Away" - website that can suggest vacations

I have taken days off, and have some money put aside for travel, and need to take a break - somewhere, anywhere, as long as its a nice place. Searching on Expedia and the lot is painful -as 300 million other people also have that weekend off (say, thanksgiving or labor day), and have beaten me to the air tickets. Where do I go?

If that sounds familiar, the best match I've found so far is - key in your home airport and your dates, and it will present prices to many destinations - both domestic and international. That can give you some ideas.

Granted, presenting all possible combinations for a given set of dates, a starting airport and a budget is probably a few billion places, but even a pick of 50-odd options to places I've never been to is great - beats having to punch in random places into the online travel sites!

Also useful: for a list of last minute destinations and prices