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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bengali food, Calcutta

Soma sent me this list from a circulating email, and I thought, this needs to be documented. It's not everyday that someone comes up with this list. And after spending $1500 on a ticket for a trip home ($3000, considering I'm married now), every minute counts - and without this list, minutes are potentially lost.

So, let's get organized.

  • Kabiraji Cutlet, Regent, S N Banerjee Road
  • Moghlai Parota, Anadi Cabin, S N Banerjee Road
  • Kosha Mangsho, Golbari (Shyambazar)
  • Phulkopir Singara, Mrityunjoy (Lansdowne)
  • Double Egg Chicken Roll, Kusum (Park Steet) (Nizam is a close contender!)
  • Chicken Rezala, Sabir (off C R Avenue)
  • Steak at Oly pub (with beer!!)
  • Ujjala's Chanachur ( no comparison anywhere)
  • Telebhaja, Putiram (College Street)
  • Daab Chigri, Kewpies (Elgin Lane)
  • Chicken Cutlet, Baked & Fried/Mukherjee Sweets (Ballygunge Place)
  • Bijoli Grill's Fish Roll Mochar Chop Dhoka from Apanjan (SadanandaRoad)
  • Boudir's Lebu Cha (Deshapriya Park)
  • Kochuri & Tarkari, Tasty Corner (Mandeville Gardens)
  • Phuchka/Churmur/ Dahi Phuchka, Bilas or Boudi (Southern Avenue)
  • Chicken Cutlet near Samur (Bhowanipur)
  • Mishti Doi & Rosogolla, Mithai (Beckbagan)
  • Naram pak & Ice cream sandesh, Balaram (Bhowanipur) ()
  • Pantua, Bancharam
  • Indrani, Ganguram
  • Rabri, Chittaranhan
  • Darbesh, Sen Mahasay
  • Amritti, Bhim Nag/Ganguram, Maniktala (Jalebis are no match)
  • Alu Roll, academy cantene
  • dim-er meal, daker's lane
  • bhuna ghost, rajabajar
Update: This list was originally the work of Sandeep Sengupta (see comments), and featured in the Orkut Calcutta group. Many thanks to Sandeep for pointing that out!