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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Go Green!

Ever since "An Inconvenient Truth", I"ve been trying to find out what I can do that is easy, affordable, and will contribute just a little bit towards making the planet less worse day by day.

I'm already on compact fluorescent lamps all over the house, and we use about a third of the average household electricity consumption, so there's little I can do in those angles.

First major breakthrough: switching to green power. You can start right here. If you find something is available, call your utility company. Chances are, they are already offering it - I found out Long Island Power Authority already offers several options, and my colleague
was pleasantly surprised to see PSE&G of New Jersey had green power (they call it clean power) options listed right on the front page.

If anyone from Long Island is reading this - I switched to New Wind Energy, and called up their customer service at 866-WIND-123 to make sure there are no hidden charges. The brochure from LIPA is a little outdated, but you can sign up right from the provider's homepage, and they quote a more updated 1.3 cents per kWh for 60% wind, 40% hydroelectric. The cost,  you ask? See for yourself right here - for the average consumer, consuming all of 768 kWh per month (we consume about 250 in summer, 120 in winter), that means about $10 a month for 100% renewable (based on 1.3 cents per kWh). That's as much as a movie ticket. And lasts month long, saving a thousand pounds of CO2 a month!


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